Season 2

7 Episodes

If you dream of savouring Spanish ewe's milk cheese, or visiting the Alps to see the finest Comté wheels being matured; if you’ve wondered about the famous caves of Roquefort, or why Stilton is the king of English cheese; or if you just want to take a look at the start of the exciting revolution in handmade, artisan and farmhouse cheeses in south-west Australia, Vermont and south-west Ireland…this season of Cheese Slices is for you!

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Join Will as he explores the spectacularly rugged south-west coast of Ireland and tries some of the more unusual varieties of cheese including one made with sea-weed.

Dating back 700 years, Comté Gruyere is one of the most popular cheeses in France, and the most important made under the strict French appellation system.

Venture to Spain, the land of Manchego cheese, followed by a visit to a cheese fair to savour the Queso de la Serena made from ewes’ milk and thistles.

Will visits New York’s finest cheese shops, before travelling to Vermont to meet a new generation of American cheese makers, all dedicated to creating an exciting and distinctive range of farmstead cheeses.

Known as the ‘King of English Cheese’ for more than two centuries, Stilton has never been copied elsewhere. Nor has it ever been made in Stilton, despite its famous name.