Halloumi and Mint Soufflé Recipe | Aphrodite Halloumi Recipes

Will developed these delicious halloumi and mint souffle with the infamous Press Club in Melbourne when he filmed an episode of Cheese Slices. Here is the recipe.





Béchamel Base

1. Place milk, garlic, onion, thyme in a small pt and allow to infuse gently over low heat.
2. In a separate small pot on medium heat, melt butter and add sifted flour slowly until it becomes golden brown
3. Add infused milk and stir until thick and smooth
4. Take off heat and fold through Aphrodite halloumi and mint


1. Warm 450 g of the base recipe to approx 60 degrees
2. Whisk egg whites with sugar until stiff
4. Fold through the base into the egg whites
4. Place in buttered souffle mold
5. Bake at 195 degrees Celcius for 17 minutes