Welcoming our newest cheese to the Will Studd Selected Cheese family - Le Marquis Chèrve de la Forêt

Learn About Cheese

Oh, I do like a bit of Gorgonzola

Cheeses made in the Autumn have ripened to their seasonal best, and make a great excuse to enjoy  a glass of sticky wine on a long dark night.

Cheese Obsessives

A cheesey video on just how obsessed Will Studd is with Cheese including Roquefort Cheese in Australia and other endangered cheeses & artisan & farmhouse cheeses.

What is Yoghurt?

If you start your day with yoghurt, don’t take the health benefits for granted! Yoghurt is widely considered a convenient & healthy food, high in protein & low in fat.

Pyrenees Cheese – Ossau-Iraty

Next time you ask for cheese from the Pyrenees at your local cheese shop you will probably settle on Ossau-Iraty - at least the AOC regulations ensures it’s the real deal.

How to Create the Perfect Cheese Board

When creating a cheese board it is crucial to remember that flavour comes first. Interesting varieties are inevitably handmade artisan cheeses which vary.

Greek Wine & Cheese Education

Max Allen & Will Studd have put together a spread of typical cheesy Greek dishes & opened a raft of good Greek wines & ate & drank as if sitting under a pergola.

How to Pair Cheese with Cider

Will Studd shows you how to pair cider and cheese together in this informative cheese education blog including cheddar.

What makes Good Halloumi… Good?

After Will Studd saw first-hand how Halloumi was traditionally hand made in a small farm dairy, he became intrigued by what makes good Halloumi "good".

Feta & Other Greek Cheeses

Forget about bleached feta substitutes made from cows milk, or washing the salt off industrial Feta. Once you have tasted the real thing there is simply no going back.

Redefining American Cheese

Having watched the U.S. cheese scene develop and flourish over the last few years, I am inclined to share the brothers' optimism. The future of American cheese is looking mighty good.