Aphrodite Goat Milk Halloumi

Goats Milk | Cyprus

Halloumi has been known as the traditional cheese of Cypriot shepherds since ancient times. Before the British introduced cows to the island in the late 19th century, Halloumi was made from goat’s and ewe’s milk during the spring and early summer and preserved in earthenware pots in salted whey.

The milk combination, size, and shape depended on the season and the region of production and when ewe’s milk was in short supply farmers would make this cheese using only pure goat’s milk.

Aphrodite Artisan Goats Milk Halloumi is hand made in a small dairy, using traditional techniques that respect the history and seasonal provenance of the island. Sometimes known as “Village Cheese”, it has a softer, more moist texture than its mixed-milk counterpart, and finishes with a delicious lemony tang when fried or grilled.

Once you experience the flavors of Aphrodite Artisan Goats Milk Halloumi, you’ll understand why this beautiful Mediterranean island (and its cheese) is so closely aligned with the ‘Goddess of Love’.

It won the Sofi Award 2020 ‘Best New Product’ for the Mixed Milk Cheese category.

SOFI 2020 Award Winner

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