Christmas Blues

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Many blue cheese are at their seasonal peak this time of year and work exceptionally well with a sweet fortified or dessert wine.

My top 3:

1.Will Studd Organic Stilton

An obvious choice. The king of English cheese, and a must have on the list. Look for a moist and creamy texture with a mellow, savoury flavour. The blue mould should not be sharp or overpowering.

2.Le Roi Roquefort

The only soft blue cheese made from unpasteurised milk allowed in Australia. Soft, moist, fatty and crumbly texture. It is made just 6 months of the year, with the best being released just in time Christmas with the June milk. Serve with dark rye bread, Le Conquerant butter and Sauternes.

3.Rogue River Blue Special Reserve

Made in autumn only in Oregon, wrapped in pear brandied macerated Shriaz leaves, its taste is strong with a strong fruity aftertaste. This cheese has the wow factor that will astonish your guests, you may not even need Christmas pudding.