French Fondue Recipe | with La Couronne Fort Aged Comté

People may knock it, but cheese fondue is a great conversation and great communal dish, partly because by the time we you eat it, you may have had 10 glasses of wine!


Will Studd Comte Fondue


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01: Make sure room is at room temprature. Coarsely grate La Couronne Comte and set aside.

02: Rub inside cooking pot with crushed garlic and discard cloves

03: Add wine to pot and heat until simmering

04: Slowly add cheese, stirring in figure 8 so it doesn’t stick

05: Heat until thickened for 5 - 10 mins until thickened.

06: Adjust consistency by adding more cheese/ wine.

07: Season with salt and pepper.

08:Turn to lowest temp and use a long fork to dip in pieces of crusty baguette, mixed greens, smoked beef and steamed potatoes