Halloumi Bagel Collaboration with Studd Siblings x Lox in a Box

Lox Studd

 ‘The Aphrodite Halloumi Bagel Of Love’ will be available until August 23 2020.

We are excited to announce our Studd Sibling collaboration with Bondi’s hole in the wall destination for the best bagels and deli provisions in Sydney, Lox in a Box.

The two iconic brands have come together over their love of quality ingredients and the concept that incredible food doesn’t need to be taken so seriously. “Lox in a Box is a brand that is all about quality ingredients. At the end of the day, we sell 4 bagels so the ingredients have to be best in class. We don’t take any shortcuts because we are here to showcase the best bagels in Sydney.” says Candy Berger, Founder of Lox in a Box.


Studd Siblings Lox In A Box Aphrodite Haloumi Bagel


The Aphrodite Halloumi Bagel of Love Features:

Southern fried halloumi
House special sauce 
Bread and butter pickles
Jalapeño slaw 
Louisiana hot sauce


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The truly authentic Aphrodite Halloumi is handmade in Cyprus from a combination of ewe and goat milk with fluctuating ratios of each based on the milk’s seasonality. “We select Aphrodite Halloumi with our father, and it truly is one of our favorite cheeses in the ‘Will Studd selected’  range. Our annual visits to Cyprus are breathtaking, an island surrounded by a green crisp ocean in contrast to the arid landscape where the goats roam free amongst the carob trees. We can confirm that Cyprus really does feel like the birthplace of ‘Aphrodite – The Greek goddess of love’ whom we named the halloumi after.” says Ellie Studd, on half of The Studd Siblings. 

“The shepherds who create the Halloumi have been doing so for generations and are full of so much character and centuries of tradition. Each Halloumi is drained in wicker baskets, before being hand-folded into its unique pocket shape. We too (like the shepherds) feel passionate about sharing this story and preserving traditional cheese-making methods. The Aphrodite Halloumi is a shining example of what we fight to keep alive, the passion and craftsmanship of handmade cheese that has the most incredible lemony tang from the goat milk, golden crust from the ewe milk and no rubbery texture.” says Studd.

Berger says; “Halloumi is definitely the hero of this bagel, We didn’t want to over complicate things. The people wanted halloumi so are going to give it to them, with a bit of a Lox in a  Box twist of course. We hope you love it. The Goddess Of All Bagels, the Southern Fried Aphrodite Halloumi Bagel. She’s spicy, saucy, sexy.”


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The Aphrodite Halloumi Bagel of Love is available for a limited time only at Lox in a Box on Saturdays and Sundays.

Lox in a Box
Shop 2/96 Glenayr Ave, North Bondi NSW 2026

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