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Westin High Cheese

Join us at our exclusive launch event at the Westin Hotel Melbourne for High Cheese!

We have collaborated with the Westin Melbourne with Executive Chef Apoorva Kunte to craft a uniquely mouthwatering High Cheese menu. Featuring esteemed favourites such as baked Le Conquerant Camembert, an exquisite tart of vine ripened tomato tartare, Sarakatsani tribe inspired ewe’s milk Aphrodite Galotyri with Congo potato; and the deceptively sweet El Esparto cave ripened Manchego cheese bavarois with candied pineapple, to name a few.

Experience a cheesy twist on the traditional high tea this winter with High Cheese!

Curated by Executive Chef Apoorva Kunte in collaboration with renowned cheese experts, the Studd Siblings, our new High Cheese menu is sure to delight. Featuring three tiers of cheesy goodness, High Cheese showcases some of the finest cheese varieties from around the world. An evening dining experience like no other, High Cheese takes you on a journey from the aged-cheddar and candied apple scone, to L’Artisan organic Mepunga grueyere Welsh rarebit, to Basque chocolate cheesecake with many things in between.

“This generous High Cheese (a cheesy take on a high tea, served in the evening) is something any cheese lover must not miss!” High Tea Society.

Paired with a glass of wine by Scotchmans Hill, Allegro Restaurant showcases Chief Winemaker Robin Brockett’s wines, highlighting the uniqueness of the Bellarine Peninsula and perfectly complementing Chef Apoorva’s cheesy creations.

Now available at Allegro Restaurant Wednesday to Saturday from 5:00PM: BOOK NOW

Studd Siblings Westin High Cheese
Baked Camembert Will Studd Siblings
Studd Siblings Westin
Galotyri Will Studd Westin