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Cheese Slices

7 episodes

  • Ireland - The Irish Cheese Renaissance

    Episode 1

    The Irish have made cheese since Celtic times, but surprisingly, it’s only in the past decade that artisan cheesemakers have revived this ancient art, producing some exciting cheeses

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  • France - Comté Gruyere & Morbier Fermier

    Episode 2

    Dating back 700 years, Comté Gruyere is one of the most popular cheeses in France, and the most important made under the strict French appellation system

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  • Spain - Spanish Traditional Quesos

    Episode 3

    Until recently, many of Spain’s traditional cheeses were unknown outside their homeland. Will travels to the land of Don Quixote to look at the rich ewes’ milk cheese Manchego before visiting a cheese fair in the medieval city of Trujillo to savour Queso de la Serena, made with ewes’ milk and set with thistles

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  • France - The Legend of Roquefort

    Episode 4

    The inestimable Roquefort, with a history dating back to Roman times, is the most popular blue cheese in France. Up till today, blue cheeses throughout the world still rely on moulds originating in the region’s limestone caves

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  • Australia - Australian Cheese Pioneers

    Episode 5

    In its short history, Australia has developed an enviable reputation for its efficient pasture-based dairy system and significant exports of cheddar, butter and skimmed milk

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  • USA - New Artisan and Farmstead Cheeses of Vermont

    Episode 6

    The United States is a world leader in the production of industrial cheeses. But over the past decade, there has been a significant change in consumer awareness and a growing appreciation for traditional foods with a distinct local identity

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  • Stilton - The King of English Cheese

    Episode 7

    Known as the King of English Cheeses for more than two centuries, Stilton has never been copied elsewhere. Nor has it ever been made in Stilton, despite its famous name

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