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Cheese Slices

9 episodes

  • Norway - The Viking Cheeses of Norway

    Episode 1

    Will travels to the spectacular fjords of Norway to look at rare skimmed milk cheeses dating back to Viking times

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  • Italy - Traditional Cheeses of Sicily

    Episode 2

    Will looks at the many flavours of Sicilian Pecorino, and visits one of the last farmhouse dairies making a saffron-flavoured cheese from ewe’s milk, before finding himself in a Dickensian cheese-maturing room that is several centuries behind the times

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  • Denmark - The Nordic Cheese Revolution

    Episode 3

    Will travels to the pretty island of Bornholm to see how Dana blu is made, before heading to Copenhagen to find out more about how the Nordic food revolution is now encouraging large producers to look at more interesting cheese varieties

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  • Scotland - Chieftains Cheese and the Isle of Mull

    Episode 4

    Scotland is not renowned for good cheese, but in the rugged rolling highland country Will unearths an ancient sour cream ‘chieftains’ cheese called Caboc

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  • Italy - Traditional Cheeses from the Hills and Alps of Piedmont

    Episode 5

    Will investigates the many different types of Toma cheese made in the Alps before travelling to the Langhe Hills and meeting the producers of two endangered cheeses protected by the Slow Food movement

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  • Wales - Caerphilly and the Artisan Cheeses of Wales

    Episode 6

    Will travels to Caws dairy to meet a family responsible for re-creating farmhouse Caerphilly before catching up with an old friend at Gorwydd farm

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  • Australia - Tasmanian Artisan Cheeses

    Episode 7

    Will invites his friend Tetsuya Wakuda to accompany him on a tour of Tasmania and to demonstrate a few of his unusual recipe ideas with the local dairy produce

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  • France - AOC Cheese of South Eastern France, Banon, St Marcellin and Close Cousins

    Episode 8

    Will travels to Provence in the South East of France to try Banon, a traditional benchmark goat’s milk cheese wrapped in dried chestnut leaves

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  • Germany - Artisan Cheeses of Germany

    Episode 9

    After travelling to the Alps to look at a seasonal mountain cheese called Bergkase, Will visits a small biodynamic farm to discover how Germany’s most popular fresh cheese, quark, is made

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