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Cheese Slices

8 episodes

  • Brazil - Clandestine Cheeses of Brazil

    Episode 1

    The Minas Gerais region of Brazil produces almost as much raw milk cheese as France but, as Will learns, most of it is illegal and must be transported to market in secret.

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  • Traditional Galician cheese – Spain

    Episode 2

    Galicia or ‘Green Spain’ is well known for the beautiful cathedral city of Santiago de Compostela, but the region’s high rainfall and mild maritime climate is also perfect for dairy farming

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  • Canada - Artisan cheeses of British Columbia

    Episode 3

    Will visits Vancouver before taking a seaplane to beautiful Salt Spring Island to meet the owners of two fascinating small cheese dairies.

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  • France - The Lyonnais Cheese Revolution

    Episode 4

    The beautiful city of Lyon is widely recognised as the gastronomic centre of France

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  • Abruzzo, Italy - Cheeses of the Great Track: Burrata, Pasta Filata, Pecorino

    Episode 5

    Will follows the ancient shepherds trail known as the Traturro Magno (Great Track) from the mountains of Abruzzo to the plains of Puglia

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  • Moose and Goat's Cheese in Jamtland - Traditional Swedish Cheese

    Episode 6

    Will travels to the beautiful Jamtland region in central Sweden, where he looks at traditional cave-ripened goat’s milk cheese and the world’s most expensive cheese- Moose Cheese

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  • USA - New Farmstead Producers of Washington State

    Episode 7

    Will travels to Seattle in the Pacific North West of the United States to meet the founder of Beecher’s famous cheddar cheese

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  • New Zealand Artisan Cheese Making

    Episode 8

    Will visits old friends in Christchurch to learn about the growing number of small artisan cheese makers who make cheese from raw milk

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