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Cheese Slices

6 episodes

  • Cheddar Cheese of England

    Episode 1

    Will and his daughter Ellie travel to Devon in the West Country of England to visit Quickes farm which once ‘secretly’ supplied Will’s London shops with traditional  farmhouse cloth bound cheddar

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  • The battle for real Camembert, France

    Episode 2

    The production of genuine Camembert made the old fashioned way from raw milk has rapidly declined in recent years, and its future is now threatened by changes proposed by the largest industrial producers.

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  • Traditional Shepherd’s cheeses of the Pyrenees

    Episode 3

    Will travels to the beautiful Iraty Valleyin the Basque to meet Peio Etxeleku of Agour dairy to learn about the many challenges facing the local Ossau–Iraty cheese.

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  • Cheese of La Mancha and Cabrables, Spain

    Episode 4

    Will and his daughter visit an award-winning farmhouse producer and learn how the curds were once drained using woven ‘esparto’ grass belts

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  • The Cheesemakers of Vermont

    Episode 5

    But in recent years, Vermont has revived this link to the past by leading an exciting renaissance in American artisan cheese.

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  • Roquefort, Revisiting the King of the Blues

    Episode 6

    Roquefort is the world’s oldest blue cheese, and it is still made from raw ewe’s milk under strict controls. But in recent years the reputation of this wonderful benchmark has been under threat from large industrial companies wanting to change how it’s made.

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