Black Truffle & French Butter Toastie Recipe | Le Conquérant- Beurre de Baratte Butter

Photo cred: @trufflewineco

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(1) Grab two pieces of quality sough dough bread. Toast one side of each slice under the grill. Allow cooling.

(2) Use copious amounts of Le Conquerant Beurre de Baratte unsalted butter and spread the inner untoasted sides of both the bread.

(3) Generously cover one side with shaved truffle. Add a sprinkle of salt.

(4) Squish back together to make a sandwich and cover with foil.

(5) Place in a warm oven (180 °C/356°F) for 15 minutes.

(6) Serve with scrambled eggs.

You could add a few pieces Le Conquéant Camembert instead of salt if you wanted to take the sandwich to take an interesting but satisfying direction.