Cheddar & Leek Toastie Recipe | Will Studd Selected Cheddar & Le Conquérant Butter | Studd Sibling Recipe

Will Studd Cheese Toastie

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Prep Time:

15 min

Cook Time:

5 min



(1) Caramelise leeks in a large cast-iron pan with butter on low to medium heat until sweetened. Take your time on this, as the longer, the leeks sweat and caramelize, the better this dish tastes.

(2) Add grated cheddar and season with pepper. Butter bread and place the cheese and leeks on the unbuttered side.

(3) Place toastie on medium heat and turn 180° after a few minutes to ensure even cooking. Flip once golden and repeat (usually around 4 minutes on each side).

Variations: You can add white wine and crushed garlic to the onion mix if desired.

Match with a glass or two of farmhouse cider.

Studd Sibling tips for toasties:

- Use day-old bread.
- Buy dense sourdough bread.
- Grate your cheese and turn your sandwich to ensure even meltability.
- Score your toastie with a knife before cutting so the cheese does not go everywhere!