Aphrodite Marinated Barrel-Aged Feta

Sheep & Goats Milk | Greece

Aphrodite Marinated Barrel Aged Feta has been carefully ripened in small old beech wood barrels, using traditional techniques in Northern Greece. The barrels enable a small amount of oxygen to reach the salted curds as they ferment under whey, and the natural flora in the wooden staves helps to create a unique yeasty aroma.

After three months maturation the feta develops a soft, milky texture with a creamy, peppery finish. It is then marinated in pure Greek extra virgin olive oil seasoned with dried oregano.

*Pure EVOO will sometimes congeal when chilled, and will return to a fluid state at room temperature. We therefore recommend bringing the cheese and oil to room temperature before serving.

Please note, this product is only available in The United States

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