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‘Cheese Slices- Cheese Documentary is a unique television and award-winning series focused on artisanal and raw milk cheese. Over 62 episodes exploring the fascinating history, skills and traditions behind some of the world’s most significant traditional cheeses. A fabulous education for cheesemongers and anybody who loves cheese, travel and adventure.

Special episodes, exclusive interviews, recipes, behind-the-scenes clips, and even a couple of bloopers. Please enjoy some extra cheesy bits of our ‘Cheese Slices’ adventures.

Will is on a mission to discover and share this extraordinary (and endangered) world of dedicated cheese makers, mongers, and affineurs.

From illegally smuggled cheese in Brazil to the world’s most expensive cheese in Sweden, from Burrata and Pecorino in Italy to Mac and Cheese in the United States.

Will visits cheesemakers in Bhutan, India and Turkey and explores rare cheeses in North Italy.

Will visits cheesemakers in Norway, Germany, Denmark, Australia and Wales.

This seasons cheese adventures include Cyprus, Qubec and fascinating cheeses in Japan.

In this season of Cheese Slices, Will Studd looks at the glorious traditions of cheeses produced in the mountains of France, Switzerland, Greece and Basque Country.

Cheese Slices, Season 2 will have you dreaming of savouring Spanish sheeps’ milk cheese, or visiting the Alps to see the finest Comté wheels being matured.

Travel through Italy, France and England in this first ever season of the award-winning Cheese Slices.