Season 8

6 Episodes

Cheese is one of the world’s oldest and most fascinating of all natural foods and many of the finest benchmarks are still hand made the old-fashioned way from unpasteurized raw milk.

The reason for their enduring reputation is undoubtedly flavour. You only have to taste these cheeses to know that they’re markedly different from their modern industrial cousins. But the future of traditional cheese making is under threat.

In this new season of Cheese Slices, Will Studd and his daughter Ellie are on a mission to discover and share this extraordinary (and endangered) world of dedicated cheese makers, mongers, and affineurs.

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Will travels to Devon in the West Country of England to visit Quickes farm which once ‘secretly’ supplied Will’s London shops with traditional  farmhouse cloth bound cheddar.

The production of genuine Camembert made the old fashioned way from raw milk has rapidly declined in recent years, and its future is now threatened by changes proposed by the largest industrial producers.

Will catches up with cheese maker Allison Hooper at Vermont Creamery to tour her goat cheese dairy and sample her award-winning cheese.