Season 6

8 Episodes

Filmed on location over two years, this season looks at the fascinating cheese heritage of Bhutan, India and Turkey, the almost extinct monastery cheeses of France and the rare alpine cheeses of North Eastern Italy. It also includes a special look at the new artisanal cheeses of Israel and Catalonia, plus a bonus episode that explores the traditional cultured butter of France.

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Will visits the old city of Jerusalem before driving to the Judah hills where he is introduced to the godfather of the new artisan cheese movement.

In Bhutan butter is important for both cooking and ceremonial purposes. Will visits a small farm to see how the locals churn butter by hand and samples the local cuisine.

Will visits the ancient spice markets of Istanbul before driving to Cannakale to learn about this country’s most popular marinated cheese Ezine Peynir.

Will visits the beautiful city of Barcelona before travelling to the hills to learn about the revival of traditional Mato and Tupi cheese.