Season 5

9 Episodes

In the award-winning fifth season of Cheese Slices, Will Studd unearths ancient classics from the dramatic mountains of Norway, Scotland and Piedmont, and familiar benchmarks from the rolling green pastures of Germany, Denmark and Wales. This season also features rare behind-the-scenes access to traditional cheese making in Provence and Sicily, plus a special look at artisan cheese made in Tasmania, Australia.

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Will travels to the spectacular fjords of Norway to look at rare skimmed milk cheeses dating back to Viking times.

Will looks at the many flavours of Sicilian Pecorino, and visits one of the last farmhouse dairies making a saffron-flavoured cheese from ewe’s milk, before finding himself in a Dickensian cheese-maturing room that is several centuries behind the times

Will invites his friend Tetsuya Wakuda to accompany him on a tour of Tasmania and to demonstrate a few of his unusual recipe ideas with the local dairy produce

Will visits a small biodynamic farm to discover how Quark, Germany’s most popular fresh cheese, is made and then Tilsiter.