Season 7

8 Episodes

From illegally smuggled cheese in Brazil to the world’s most expensive cheese in Sweden, from Burrata and Pecorino in Italy to Mac and Cheese in the United States. In the seventh season of Cheese Slices, Will Studd travels through some of the world’s most beautiful countryside to look at an extraordinary variety of authentic regional cheeses, and meet the tradition-upholders and the innovators who passionately make them. Filmed on location over 18 months, this series also includes a special look at artisanal cheeses from regions in Spain, Canada, France and New Zealand.

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The Minas Gerais region of Brazil produces almost as much raw milk cheese as France but most of it is illegal and must be transported to market in secret.

Galicia or ‘Green Spain’ is well known for the beautiful cathedral city of Santiago de Compostela, but the region’s high rainfall and mild maritime climate is also perfect for dairy farming.

Will visits old friends in Christchurch to learn about the growing number of small artisan cheese makers who make cheese from raw milk.