Abruzzo, Italy – Cheeses of the Great Track: Burrata, Pasta Filata, Pecorino

Episode 5, from Season 7

Will follows the ancient shepherds trail known as the Traturro Magno (Great Track) from the mountains of Abruzzo to the plains of Puglia, and discovers the secrets behind the local Pecorino cheese, including a unique example that is coagulated with pig’s rennet. After learning all about the local stretched curd cheeses of Molise, he visits a traditional producer of Burrata cheese in the city of Andria.

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Will visits the Piedmont town of Bra, where the Slow Food movement holds a specialist cheese festival every second year.

From illegally smuggled cheese in Brazil to the world’s most expensive cheese in Sweden, from Burrata and Pecorino in Italy to Mac and Cheese in the United States.