Season 4

10 Episodes

Cheese obsessive Will Studd continues his amazing journey, travelling to Italy, France, England and Cyprus to look at popular traditional benchmarks and find out who makes them and how they get made. In this season, Will also explores the renaissance in hand-made artisan cheese in the USA and Quebec, and takes a special look at the fascinating new cheeses of Japan.

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Will visits influential cheese retailer Neal’s Yard Dairy in London, where cheese champion Randolph Hodgson explains how English traditional farmhouse country cheese was saved from extinction.

Despite being close neighbours, these two large islands in the Mediterranean have distinctly different cheese traditions. While sampling Corsica’s renowned Brocciu, a soft Ewe’s milk cheese, Will is introduced to a traditional version ripened with maggots

Will travels to the rugged mountains of the north to find out more about the king of Portuguese cheeses, Serra da Estrela.

Will journeys to Italy’s picturesque Campania region to look at stretched curd cheeses and finds it hard to resist the lingering flavour and sensual texture of buffalo cheese made from raw milk.

Will visits several of the exciting new farmstead cheese producers, including Uplands Cheese Company, before meeting Willi Lehner at Bleu Mont Dairy to see how he ripens cheese in an underground cave.

Will learns first hand about the challenges of making farmstead washed-rind cheese in Virginia before meeting up with his old friend Ari at Zingerman’s Creamery in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Will visits the Ile de France region to learn more about the benchmarks of the style, Brie de Meaux and Brie de Melun, before visiting Brie’s close cousin, Chaource, in the Champagne region

Do the Japanese like cheese? In this one-hour special episode of Cheese Slices, Will travels to Japan with leading Australian chef Tetsuya Wakuda to find the answer to that burning question