The Japanese Cheese Revolution

Episode 10, from Season 4

Do the Japanese like cheese? In this one-hour special episode of Cheese Slices, Will travels to Japan with leading Australian chef Tetsuya Wakuda to learn the answer to this burning question. Starting with a visit to Tokyo’s leading cheese shop, Fermier, Will looks at the extraordinary range available at a popular Tokyo department store, then heads to Shimizu Farm at Nagano to see how a traditional mountain cheese is made. Next up is Yoshida Farm where Will and Tetsuya (or Tets, for short) try their hand at cheese making before throwing a party where Tets and his friends demonstrate new ways to cook with cheese, Japanese-style. Finally, Will visits an award-winning farmhouse dairy on the island of Hokkaido, where washed-rind cheese is carefully matured in purpose-built underground cellars.

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