Cheesemonger Documentary – Free Special CS Episode

Episode 2, from Behind the Rind

What happens when you take the best cheese mongers from around the USA, put them in one room, and have them compete against each other for the glory of being named 'Cheesemonger Champion'? Check it out in this special and quirky episode of Cheese Slices, in which Will travels to New York to attend the 2014 Cheesemonger Invitational in Long Island City.

This gripping annual event sees cheese mongers battling it out with tests of their cheese knowledge, cheese-cutting ability, and cheese tasting skills, not to mention a song about cheese, and a truly amazing array of cheese-related t-shirts (and tattoos)! The event doesn't stop there, with mongers sitting down to talk to world-renowned cheese experts, who share their knowledge and secrets with these up-and-coming connoisseurs. This special extra episode, filmed at the end of Will's Season 7 travels, may just be the strangest, liveliest and funniest Cheese Slices yet. Let the games begin!

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