Le Dauphin Petit Double-Crème

Cows Milk | France

Le Dauphin Petit Double-Crème is a decadent soft-ripened, double cream cheese is produced for Will in Bourgogne and takes its name from the term once used to describe the heir apparent to the throne of France.

It is hand-made from local cow’s milk and added cream, which is curdled using traditional overnight lactic fermentation techniques that date back to monastic times. The protective lidded wooden box and old-fashioned wax-paper wrap create unique micro conditions that allow the carefully selected surface moulds to slowly ripen the fine, chalky interior of the cheese over 3-4 weeks.

This delectable treat is ideally served at room temperature close to the use-by date, when the centre has broken down to a soft unctuous texture, with a distinctive creamy lactic finish that is guaranteed to please.

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