La Couronne Fort Aged Comté- Marcel Petite

Cows Milk | France

Comté is the cheese that first sparked Will’s cheese obsession. Made from unpasteurised raw milk, its quality and flavour characteristics vary between producers, and most examples are sold simply on the basis of age. This, however, is no guarantee of quality. Every batch is different and influenced by when the cheese was made, and where and how it was ripened.

La Couronne Fort Aged Comté PDO is matured in the damp underground cellars of Marcel Petite at Fort Saint Antoine, high in the mountains that border France and Switzerland in the Franche- Comté. It is specially selected to wear the prestigious red ‘crown’ of quality on the basis of its rich concentrated nutty texture, elegant caramel sweetness, and lingering kaleidoscope of flavours – rather than on how long it was aged.

Please note, this product is only available in Australia

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