Learn About Cheese

Get our your cheeseboard and watch an episode of Cheese Slices Cheese Documentary, learn how to cut cheese like a pro or catch up on the latest news in ‘the journal’.

The cider market in Australia and New Zealand has exploded with bottle-shop shelves have growing with a bewildering array of ciders from all corners of the globe. We can’t, it seems, satisfy our raging thirst for fermented apple juice.

‘Live’ vs dessert yoghurt. What is the difference? Read about it here in the Will Studd blog

Don’t be put off by the name – the high moisture content of triple cream cheeses means the actual percentage of fat is similar to hard cheeses.

I have a confession to make… until I visited Cyprus to film a story for Cheese Slices I thought that Halloumi was simply an innocuous rubbery salty cheese.

A little more than a decade ago, the idea that the United States could produce a cheese that would proudly sit alongside the great European benchmarks at a specialist cheese counter would have been considered a joke.