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Cheese Slices - Cheese Documentary
Cheese Slices, is a unique television and award-winning cheese documentary focused on artisanal and raw milk cheese. It explores the fascinating history, skills and traditions behind some of the world’s most significant traditional cheeses and is good for the beginner cheese lover as well as an education tool for cheese mongers.  The 62 episodes has been seen by over 250 million viewers worldwide and aired in nine languages.  A fabulous education for cheesemongers and anybody who loves cheese, travel and adventure.


Most Recent

  • Le Dauphin cheese hexagon

    A closer look at Le Dauphin Double Creme

    A deeper look into what make Le Dauphin Double Creme special

  • Chesire cheese on a shelf with tags

    Cheese Legends| Lucy Appleby Interview | Appleby Cheshire

    Will digs up the archives of some of the greatest Cheese Legends in history. Never before seen and special footage with Lucy Applby.

  • Ari Zingerman Creamery Episode Slide

    Cheese Legends - Ari Weinzweig from Zingerman's Creamery

    Another special interview, this time with Ari Weinzweig from Zingerman’s Creamery

  • Ig Vella cheese making

    Cheese Legends - Ig Vella

    Interview with Ig Vella from Vella Cheese Company – Monterey Jack

  • Rouge River David Gremmels Episode Slide

    Cheese Legends- Rogue Creamery David Gremmels Special Interview

    A special interview with cheese maker David Gremmels from Rogue River Creamery